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What is Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning (aka sound balancing) is a sound therapy method that works with the power of sound and the human biofield to help alleviate conditions such as pain, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, emotional overwhelm, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue and more.

A Tuning Session

   A distance/remote session for you, no matter where you are on the planet.


We have 7 main chakras/energy centers, and 4 minor, the feet and knees.  Generally speaking most people can get their most seriously blocked chakras cleared in 3 sessions. However it is 'very beneficial' to have all 11 Chakras cleared, which will take multiple sessions.

Give yourself a yearly full body chakra/energy center tune up, balance and cleanse, just like you do for your car!


  Elisa NZ

   Both Sessions

Since my first in person session with Garret 

    Bobby NZ

  Distance session

After my having all eleven 

New Zealand
After my first session with Garret

Kathy: Australia

Distance Session

"It's a big blessing to discover


  New Zealand

As the session started 


“If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”  Nikola Tesla