A Tuning Session

The healthy human body maintains a temperature of 36.5-37.5 degrees celsius. Thats alot of energy and internal management. We also have an electrical system within us-voltage. All that, is governed by eleven energy centers around the body, another name for these centers, is Chakras. As we go through life, our energy center pathways become blocked to various degrees, as we experience sadness, trauma, grief and have accidents and injuries etc.                                      

We have 7 main energy centers/chakra, and 4 minor, the feet and knees.  Generally speaking most people can get their most seriously blocked energy centers cleared in 3 sessions. However it is 'very beneficial' to have all 11 centers cleared, which will take multiple sessions.


Whether we clear the chakras front and back, reset the adrenal glands to their natural rhythm or clear the side pathways of the chakras (this is where we leak emotional and pain energy into during stressful times), you will definitely be better off for the experience.

 Results have ranged from: feeling renewed, amazing, lighter, completely energised, unburdened, much clearer, unstuck and more connected, less depression and much more…. to those who simply feel more relaxed. It can take an average of three sessions to sort out the most serious blockages.

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